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Add Columns to Grid poplar_columns - tailored - included with Standard Edition

Add new columns to just about any grid. Columns come in three general varieties: datasource columns, which add fields from a datasource that are not usually displayed; optional field columns, putting frequently used fields in the grid; computed columns, execute some logic to derive a value to display.

Order Number Column for A/P Invoice Entry, Customer Inquiry Adjustment Reference and Detail Optional Fields are built on this customization.

How does it work?

The Add Columns to Grid customization connects to a screen or one of its related pop-up screens. When the screen opens, a new column is automatically added to the end of the grid.

For datasource or optional field columns, the column header, default, valid option lists, and data types can be taken from the related optional field definition. For computed columns, these must be specified for each case.

Columns are either editable or read-only. Editable columns write back to the underlying data source or optional field as edits are made.


The Add Columns to Grid customization must be tailored to fit the customer environment. There is a one-time development cost in addition to the base cost for the customization. For a free assessment and quote, contact us.

The Add Columns to Grid customization is included with a Customization Manager Standard license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.