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Customer Inquiry Adjustment Reference poplar_adjref - packaged - included with Standard Edition

Add a new column to the Adjustments grid in the A/R Customer Inquiry Adjustments tab that displays the adjustment Reference.

This customization is a good example of a custom column that is populated with data looked up from a different view.

A/R Adjustment Entry References, such as Demo Header Reference,

Screenshot of A/R Adjustment Entry

are displayed in the Adjustments tab of the A/R Customer Inquiry screen.

Screenshot of Customer Inquiry screen

How does it work?

The customization adjusts the A/R Customer Inquiry screen to add a new field to the grid, making it quick and easy to identify the reference for a particular adjustment.

More generally, this customization adds a column to a grid. Columns with read-only or read-write data can put the information required at hand and can be added to almost any grid in Sage.


The Customer Inquiry Adjustment Reference customization is included with a Customization Manager Standard license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.