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Customization Catalogue

Welcome to the customization catalogue! Have a browse and see if there is anything in here that either addresses a need or inspires a new idea.

Some information that may be relevant before you peruse the catalogue:

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you could use one of the customizations, need one tweaked for a specific use case, or have something completely new that needs building.

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Address Validation videocam description cloud packaged

The Address Validation customization interfaces with providers APIs, including USPS, Canada Post, and Google, to validate addresses not only for correctness but also deliverability.

A/R Receipt Adjustment Optional Fields description tailored

Add optional fields to the A/R Receipt Miscellaneous Adjustments, display them in the Miscellaneous Receipts pop-up screen grid, and propagate them to the G/L when the receipts are posted and processed.

Customer Inquiry Adjustment Reference packaged - included with Standard Edition

Add a new column to the Adjustments grid in the A/R Customer Inquiry Adjustments tab that displays the adjustment Reference.

This customization is a good example of a custom column that is populated with data looked up from a different view.

Duplicate A/P Invoice Number Detection description packaged

The Duplicate A/P Invoice Number Detection customization integrates with Information Manager Notes to display any duplicate A/P Invoices Numbers across vendors.
Duplicate detection is done with SQL to provide quick responses and the accompanying note allows the user to quickly drill down into identified duplicates.

Order Number Column for A/P Invoice Entry tailored - included with Standard Edition

Add a column to the A/P Invoice entry screen that displays the O/E Order number associated with the entry. The Order Number is stored in an optional field and a finder provided in the grid to make selecting a valid order easy.

This customization is based on the Columns customization.

P/O Invoice Line Description to A/P videocam packaged - included with Standard Edition

When a new A/P Invoice Batch is created, if it was generated from P/O, copy the P/O Invoice line description to the A/P Invoice line comment.

A/P Tax Number Security packaged - included with Standard Edition

Add a new set of permissions that control access to the A/P Vendor Tax Number field. For users that are not allowed to edit the tax number, the field is disabled on the A/P Vendors screen.

In addition, for all A/P Payment Entries, the Reference field is disabled and used to store the user that last edited the entry.

Maintain A/R Price Lists per Customer-Item videocam description packaged - included with Standard Edition

The Maintain A/R Price Lists per Customer-Item customization enables Sage users to maintain custom per Customer, per Item, pricing. It can be used when Sage’s price list functionality is not available.

The customization comes with both a screen script, to automatically update prices as items are input into the AR Invoice entry scren, and an optional view script to update prices when invoices are input from other sources like import or EDI.

Field Change Audit Logging cloud packaged

Generate an audit trail for all changes made to an A/R or A/P invoice header, header optional fields, or G/L Journal headers and detail lines, by any user other than the user that initially entered the object.

EFT File Auto-Creation cloud tailored

The EFT File Auto-Creation customization automates the creation of EFT files, selection of EFT ready batches, and sending of remittance advices to Vendors.

This customization is generally used as the final stage in an end-to-end payment automation workflow. Once the workflow solution has approved and posted the A/P batch, this customization handles the creation of the EFT file and sending of remittances.

Auto-Post Batches with Specified Description cloud tailored

The Auto-Post Batches with Specified Description customization is designed to be run either by hand or periodically using Process Scheduler.
It searches for Batches that are in the ‘Ready to Post’ state with a specific description and posts them.

This customization is often used to automatically post batches created through external integrations. The external program sets the batch description to a specific string and the batches are posted automatically by the customization.

Backorders for Ship-To Location packaged

While an O/E Order is being input, if there are open backorders for the customer ship to location, notify the user and optionally display a grid will all backordered items and their order details.

Customer Backorder Notifications cloud packaged

The Customer Backorder Notifications customization sends emails to customers when orders are shipped with the details of any items that remain on backorder.

Bank Entry Approval Workflow cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Workflow to force approval for posting Bank Entries in the Sage 300 Bank Services module.

Batch Descriptions to G/L videocam cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Batch Descriptions to G/L copies batch descriptions from the source application, such as A/P or A/R, to the system generated batch description in G/L.

Regional Bottle Deposits packaged

Automatically add a bottle deposit to O/E Orders based on the Item selected and the ship-to destination for the order. The bottle deposit is applied as a miscellaneous charge.

Add Beverage Container Deposits to Orders videocam description packaged

Automatically add and manage a two level deposit for bottles: the first level for the container size and the second for the container type. For each level, there is also a summary deposit.

Perfect for the case where deposits come in components: one for the container type and another for the container volume. A summary deposit can also be applied to all items with a deposit. This allows fine grained control in inventories with many different deposit types.

Credit Card Charges packaged

The Credit Card Charge customization monitors O/E Orders and Quotes and asks the user whether to add a fixed percentage credit card charge if no charge is present on the order and the customer payment code and/or terms match a user configured list.

If the user chooses to add a charge, a new line is automatically added to the order with a configurable miscellaneous charge at the correct percentage.

Committed Quantity Notification description cloud packaged

The Committed Quantities Notification customization checks whether any lines in an order have a committed quantity less than the quantity ordered. If so, either a message is displayed, a field updated to a fixed value, or both.

The customization can be disabled for an order by setting an optional field on the order header.

Add Columns to Grid cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Add new columns to just about any grid. Columns come in three general varieties: datasource columns, which add fields from a datasource that are not usually displayed; optional field columns, putting frequently used fields in the grid; computed columns, execute some logic to derive a value to display.

Order Number Column for A/P Invoice Entry, Customer Inquiry Adjustment Reference and Detail Optional Fields are built on this customization.

Complaint Form cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Introduce a new object, a Customer Complaint Form, to Sage. The form is used to collect information on returned or defective products. Each form is tied to an existing Customer and an Item. It captures the nature of the complaint, details, and an RMA number if required.

Built on Custom Table UI and integrates with Screen Permissions.

Contract Minimum Amount for Free Freight description cloud tailored

Define contracts with a minimum order amount for a Customer and Item to receive free freight.

Custom Table UI description cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Add a Custom UI for any table. Allow access to custom tables without the need for the custom table editor.

Used as a base for customizations like the Complaint Form. Pairs seamlessly with Screen Permissions to provide permissions at the screen access or control level. Integrated with native screens using Callback Columns.

Default Line Unit Cost to Markup Cost packaged

Automatically default the Unit Cost on O/E Order lines to the Markup Cost set in the price list for items in a particular account set.

Add Delivery Charge to Small Orders videocam description packaged

The Add Delivery Charge to Small Orders customization automatically adds a delivery charge to orders less than a minimum order amount. The delivery charge and minimum order amount are based on the Customer’s Customer Group.

Detail Optional Fields videocam description cloud packaged

This customization adds optional field capabilities to detail views that otherwise do not have them, such as Bank Entries. Functionally identical Sage’s normal Optional Fields, they are easy to set up and configure.

Dynamic Units of Measure description packaged

The Dyanmic Units of Measure customization allows Item Units of Measure to be overriden by an optional field and guides users to only order quantities that can be shipped without repacking.

Eco Fees videocam packaged

Automatically add and manage environmental recycling fees to O/E Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes, based on item category and order shipping destination.

EFT File Create Permissions cloud packaged

Originally designed for a customer that must update foreign currency transaction rates immediately before posting EFT files from unposted batches, the EFT File Permissions Customization adds an additional layer of security by restricting which users can create files from Posted or Unposted Batches.

Generate EFT Receipt Batches tailored

Create a standard Receipt Batch, a zero value Receipt Batch, and a refund Receipt Batch with the click of a button.

Send Email with Attachments cloud tailored

For cases in which one or more attachments must be added to an email, this customization provides a flexible base that can be used to send any number of attachments. The customization can also generate attachments from any Sage report before sending.

An example use case for this customization is automatically attaching the associated work order to an A/R invoice email confirmation.

Embargoed Countries cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Enforce the use of valid country codes and disallow addresses in embargoed countries.

Field Level Security cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Add new permissions or logic to control access to any field in Sage based on the currently logged in user, document state (New, Posted, Processed) or field values, whether the user editing the document is the same as the user that entered it, or custom permissions.

For users that do not have permission to edit a field, the field is disabled or removed from the screen entirely.

A/P Tax Number Security and EFT File Permissions are built on this customization.

Grid Optional Field videocam cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

A simple customization that adds an optional field to a grid. The field can be made either read-only or read-write. All changes to the grid are immediately applied to the optional field.

If the optional field has a validation list, a finder is provided in the grid and only valid values are allowed.

Apply Volume Discounts packaged

Automatically apply additional discounts to order lines when the total volume ordered over a user-defined group of items exceeds a minimum quantity.

Item Ship-To Restrictions tailored - included with Standard Edition

The Item Ship-To Restrictions customization stops users from adding lines for items that cannot be shipped to the order ship-to location.

This customization provides fine-grained control, to the postal code, of which items can be shipped where. It contains a custom table that is managed by the user to define locations items are allowed to be shipped.

Smart I/C Quarantine Transfers packaged

Smart I/C Quarantine dates transfer with the lot.

No longer will the lot quarantine be reset to default when a lot is transferred from one location to another. Instead, the quarantine status and dates will follow the lot as it is transferred and adjusted.

I/C Transfer Security videocam cloud packaged

The IC Transfer Security customization adds a custom table that maps Sage users to I/C Transfer roles. I/C transfers to and from particular locations can then be restricted only to authorized users.

Long I/C Vendor Item Descriptions packaged

The Long I/C Vendor Item Descriptions customization enables the use of long Vendor Item Descriptions. It adds a new column to the Vendor Item Details screen grid and accepts descriptions of up to 180 characters. These descriptions are stored in a custom table and are easily included in reporting or customer advices.

The descriptions are automatically added to Purchase Order Line optional fields so they can be included in reports or orders to vendors.

Inter-Entity Document Optional Fields for CRM cloud tailored

Add the full IET audit trail to shipment optional fields for integration with an external CRM.

Order Line Ship-Via based on Vendor cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Automatically set the Ship-Via on an O/E Order line based on the item Vendor 1. Useful for automatically setting the ship-via for Inter-Entity items.

Import from Excel cloud tailored

This is a base on which custom Excel Import can be built. Custom import routines can be more flexible than what is built-in, importing data across many views, or creating missing objects (such as customers, vendors, or ship-tos) during import.

Force Create Invoice on O/E Shipments packaged - included with Standard Edition

Set and protect O/E Shipment Create Invoice for IET Customers.

Validate Country, State, Embargoes cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

The Validate Country, State, Embargoes customization enforces the use of valid ISO-3166 Country and State codes in any address fields in Sage and stops addresses from being entered for embargoed countries.

Enforce ISO Country and State codes cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Enforce the use of ISO3166 country and state codes in any record.

Enhanced P/O and O/E Comments packaged

The Enhanced P/O and O/E Comments customization enables the use of long form comments, unbounded by the Sage line format, that support copy/paste and rich formatting.

It can also be configured to automatically transcribe comments from O/E Order Lines to related P/O Order lines.

Most Recent O/E Invoice videocam description packaged - included with Standard Edition

Display a prompt with the most recent O/E Invoice for a customer when the Customer field is set in a new order, asking the user whether to open the invoice in inquiry mode to view more details.

Add a Line to an O/E Order cloud tailored

This customization provides a general base that adds a line, what that line contains and when it is added depends on the specific use case. It can be tailored to add and manage deposits, environmental fees, local levies, etc. on O/E Orders, shipments, debit and credit notes.

The Eco Fees, Bottle Deposit, and Delivery Charges customizations are all built on the Add a Line to an O/E Order customization.

Email Invoice and Work Order tailored

Generate and email the Invoice and Workorder for an O/E Order with the push of a button.

Update order line item categories. cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Update order line item categories based on header location.

Import from CSV cloud tailored

This is a base on which custom CSV Import is built. Custom import routines can be more flexible than built-in, importing data across many views, or creating missing objects (such as customers, vendors, or ship-tos) during import.

Log O/E Picking Slip Print Events cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Log O/E Shipment Picking Slip Print Events.

O/E Order Split packaged

The O/E Order Split customization adds a button to the O/E Order Entry screen that, when clicked, splits the order into child orders. Each child order contains all items with matching Location, Ship-Via, and Expected Ship Date.

The parent order is marked as complete when split and optional fields are used to track the splitting heirarchy. For sites with Information Manager Notes, related orders are displayed in an accompanying note with drill down on click.

Streamlined Order Entry videocam tailored

For businesses that handle large order volumes, this customization simplifies the screen and implements a default print behaviour, skipping prompts to print after post.

A more streamlined order entry experience.

O/E Order Subset to P/O packaged

Generate a new Purchase Order from a subset of an O/E Order. Similar to the built-in O/E Order to Purchase Order functionality, this customization allows the user to select only a subset of lines to include in the Purchase Order.

Ounce Taxes (Custom Taxes by Destination) cloud tailored

The Ounce Taxes customization automatically calculates and adds an additional tax to items in O/E Orders, Shipments, and Credit/Debit Notes when they are of a particular item category and destined to a particular postal code, city, or state. The tax is calculated based on a non-stocking Unit of Measure for the I/C item.

Although this customization was originally built to cater for Fizzy Drinks taxes in a US cities, it is easily adapted to any tax that applies only in certain locations or that is calculated using a non-stocking UOM.

Track Remaining Customer P/O Budget cloud tailored

Track the total value of all invoices and orders assigned to a Customer Purchase Order. Display the PO budget information in an Information Manager Note and warn users when a configurable amount of the budget remains.

P/O Optional Field Copy - Header to Detail cloud packaged

This customization automatically copies P/O Header optional fields to detail line optional fields if the fields have not been manually set.

The customization looks at the configured fields on the line and automatically detects header optional fields with the same name. If a detail line optional field name matches a header optional field name and the detail line optional field is unset, the header optional field value is copied.

Automatically Print Documents cloud packaged

Configure rules to automatically print reports to specific print destinations when documents are posted or updated. Optionally apply additional criteria, building rules to match your business process. For example: when an order is updated, the last invoice number is set, and the order location is “2”, send a copy of the document to the printer in the east coast warehouse.

Customer Signatures on Quotes packaged - included with Standard Edition

Obtain digital signatures on quotes before promoting to an order.

Import from Repzio cloud tailored

RepZio is a Mobile Sales Rep package for viewing inventory and issuing orders from the field. Import orders from RepZio’s Microsoft Excel file format.

Screen Permissions videocam description cloud packaged

Define fine-grained permissions for any screen in Sage. This customization enables create, read, and update permissions to be set for any field and enables the disabling of screens or buttons for specific users.

Permissions are user configurable through a custom table and managed using a bespoke UI.

Set Optional Field upon Event cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Set an optional field to just about any value, derived or otherwise, when an event occurs on the associated object.

Create Purchase Order from Sales Orders cloud tailored

Create custom Purchase Orders from Sales Orders.

Tax Rebate at Source tailored

The Tax Rebate customization makes it easy to capture tax rebates at source by automatically calculating and splitting the tax amount for an item across two additional lines: one for the partial item tax and one for the rebate amount. The tax and rebate amounts are then routed to different accounts for the order.

Unique PO Numbers in A/P Invoices videocam packaged - included with Standard Edition

Unique PO Numbers in A/P Invoices is a simple customization that enforces the use of a unique PO Number in the A/P Invoice entry screen.

Generate Unique Key cloud tailored - included with Standard Edition

Generate Unique Key is a simple customization that inserts a user defined unique string in any view field on insert. This can be used to set custom keys for objects in Sage that are either not, or insufficiently, configurable.

Log A/P and EFT Vendor Creation cloud tailored

Create detailed audit logging for A/P and EFT Vendr creates, updates, and deletes.

Verify G/L Entry Segments cloud tailored

Verify that a particular segment of all G/L accounts in an entry are the same.

Verify Order Quantities cloud tailored

Verify that all order lines are divisible by a non-stocking UOM so they will not need to be repacked for shipping.

Workflow Tools cloud packaged - included with Standard Edition

Extra Workflow Tools and Actions from Poplar Development.