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1 January 2021

Packaged vs. Tailored Customizations

by Chris (chris at poplars.dev)

While browsing the catalogue, you’ll see that customizations are either packaged or tailored.

Packaged customizations are relatively independent of specific business processes and provide useful functionality out of the box.

Tailored customizations are tightly coupled to specific processes, names, terminology, numbering formats, etc. that are unlikely to be the same across different production environments and are not easily catered for with configuration.

Prior to purchasing a tailored customization, we will work with you to determine the changes required to fit your requirements, and provide a free proposal and quote following our custom development process.

Any customization, tailored or packaged, can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Let us know if you’d like more information or if there is a customization we can adjust for you.

tags: process - package - tailored