Quality customizations to Sage 300 built using Orchid Extender.

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Preparing for a new Customization 2021-01-01

All the customizations we distribute are tested as thoroughly as possible in house before being unleashed on an environment that is representative of production. Representative includes the same versions, data, settings, and processes.

However, your production environment is guaranteed to be different from all others!

Packaged vs. Tailored Customizations 2021-01-01

While browsing the catalogue, you’ll see that customizations are either packaged or tailored.

Included with Customization Manager Standard 2021-01-01

A total of 26 of the customizations in our catalogue are included with the purchase of the Standard Edition of Customization Manager. There is no additional cost to use them.

Our Approach to Successful Engagements 2020-08-12

Customizations are rarely given the attention they deserve. They can play a key part in a customer’s business process but from the developer’s perspective they are a one off project. The result tends towards a low quality customization that meets the minimum bar only; inflexible and hard to maintain.

We are focused on delivering quality customizations for Sage 300.