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Import from Repzio poplar_repzio - tailored

RepZio is a Mobile Sales Rep package for viewing inventory and issuing orders from the field. Import orders from RepZio’s Microsoft Excel file format.

How does it work?

The Import from Repzio customization opens exported RepZio Excel files, validates their contents and dimension, and then imports all the orders contained within. When the import is complete, the results of the import are displayed or sent via email.

The customization can be configured to run periodically using Process Scheduler. This, coupled with RepZio’s automated file download capabilities, enable a fully automated order input solution to be developed.


Import from Repzio:


The Import from Repzio customization must be tailored to fit the customer environment. There is a one-time development cost in addition to the base cost for the customization. For a free assessment and quote, contact us.

The Import from Repzio customization is offered either on a monthly subscription or a perpetual license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.