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Import from CSV poplar_importcsv - tailored

This is a base on which custom CSV Import is built. Custom import routines can be more flexible than built-in, importing data across many views, or creating missing objects (such as customers, vendors, or ship-tos) during import.

How does it work?

Given a CSV file that needs importing, we tailor a version of this customization to match the import file.

With the custom importer in place, a new icon to import from CSV is added to the Sage desktop. When run, a screen is opened prompting for the file to import.

Once the file has been imported, a full report is generated and displayed to the user, including the objects imported and any errors encountered.

The Import from CSV customization is compatible with Process Scheduler and can be setup to automaticalle import files present ina directory at interval - alloweing the import process to be fully automated.


The Import from CSV customization must be tailored to fit the customer environment. There is a one-time development cost in addition to the base cost for the customization. For a free assessment and quote, contact us.

The Import from CSV customization requires regular maintainance and is only available under a subscription license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.