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I/C Transfer Security poplar_ictrsec - packaged

The IC Transfer Security customization adds a custom table that maps Sage users to I/C Transfer roles. I/C transfers to and from particular locations can then be restricted only to authorized users.

Business Case

An example use case for this customization is a business in which there is a warehouse and a quality assurance team. Members of the warehouse team are only allowed to transfer to the “Quarantine” location and members of the QA team can only transfer out of “Quarantine”.

This customization can be used to define roles for the warehouse and QA teams and provides fine grained control of permissions to transfer both to and from locations.

How does it work?

The IC Transfer Security customization installs two new tables in the database, one to track roles and the other to assign roles to users.

Before a user saves a transfer, their permissions to transfer out of and in to each location is verified against their assigned role. If they do not have the required permissions, the save is stopped and an error is displayed.


IC Transfer Security:



The I/C Transfer Security customization is offered either on a monthly subscription or a perpetual license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.