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Send Email with Attachments poplar_emailattachments - tailored

For cases in which one or more attachments must be added to an email, this customization provides a flexible base that can be used to send any number of attachments. The customization can also generate attachments from any Sage report before sending.

An example use case for this customization is automatically attaching the associated work order to an A/R invoice email confirmation.

Business Case

Although Sage includes features to automate the sending of emails when events occur, this customization provides a much more flexible base that enables Sage to send rich HTML emails with multiple attachments.

This can save significant overhead from manually sending emails, ensure that emails are not missed or forgotten, and provide an audit trail for emails successfully sent and errors encountered.

How does it work?

The Email Attachments customization can be connected to almost any Sage view and event, such as the A/R Invoice Header Insert event.

When the event occurs, the customization generates any required attachments, locates files to be attached from disk, renders a user configurable email template, and send the email according the Customer delivery preferences.

Whether the email is sent successfully or an error is encountered, a log entry is made for auditing purposes.


Email Attachments:


The Send Email with Attachments customization must be tailored to fit the customer environment. There is a one-time development cost in addition to the base cost for the customization. For a free assessment and quote, contact us.

The Send Email with Attachments customization is offered either on a monthly subscription or a perpetual license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.