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Complaint Form poplar_complaints - tailored - included with Standard Edition

Introduce a new object, a Customer Complaint Form, to Sage. The form is used to collect information on returned or defective products. Each form is tied to an existing Customer and an Item. It captures the nature of the complaint, details, and an RMA number if required.

Built on Custom Table UI and integrates with Screen Permissions.

How does it work?

A custom UI has been developed to capture 10 pieces of information relevant to the complaint, including the Customer and Item involved in the complaint. All fields are validated to ensure consistent input.

Capture complaing information to better understand product quality.
Capture complaing information to better understand product quality.

A unique form number is generated and can be provided to the customer for reference.

Reports are generated to better understand which products are responsible for the most complaints to inform Quality Assurance. Storing the information alongside the order allows order entry staff, already familiar with Sage, to capture the complaint details without having to change applications.


The Complaint Form customization must be tailored to fit the customer environment. There is a one-time development cost in addition to the base cost for the customization. For a free assessment and quote, contact us.

The Complaint Form customization is included with a Customization Manager Standard license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.