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Add Beverage Container Deposits to Orders poplar_bvgdep - packaged

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Automatically add and manage a two level deposit for bottles: the first level for the container size and the second for the container type. For each level, there is also a summary deposit.

Perfect for the case where deposits come in components: one for the container type and another for the container volume. A summary deposit can also be applied to all items with a deposit. This allows fine grained control in inventories with many different deposit types.

How does it work?

The Add Beverage Container Deposits to Orders customization creates a new custom table that maps items to their first and second level deposits, and another that stores the summary deposits.

This allows deposits to be build in three components: the summary deposit provides a base that applies the all bottles; the first deposit can be applied for the bottle type (glass, aluminum, plastic, etc.); the second to the bottle volume (< 1L, <2L, etc.).

When an order is posted, each line is reviewed and the deposits for the line added to a running total.

Once all lines have been considered, the total quantity for each applicable deposit is determined and a new line added to the order.

The customization continues to manage the deposits as orders are edited and quantities are updated or lines removed. Whenever the order is posted the deposits are re-computed and reconciled.

For cases where the deposits need to be managed manually, there is an optional field on the Order header, DEPOVERRIDE, that when set to Yes disables the automatic calculation of deposits.


To show the customization in action, we have an environment with three items requiring bottle deposits:

  1. B1-001/0 - Cola (Large Plastic)
  2. B1-002/0 - Cream Soda (Small Aluminum)
  3. B1-003/0 - Root Beer (Small Glass)

All three items have both first and second deposits. First deposits begin with item segment code E1 and second deposits with E2. E1-900/0 and E2-900/0 are the summary deposits.

The demo begins with the simplest case: an order for 10 cases (24 Ea./Case) of B1-001/0. On Post, the customization automatically adds the applicable deposits:

The demo goes on to demonstrate that even when edited manually, after posting the deposits are properly maintained.

When deposits need to be disabled, the DEPOVERRIDE optional field can be set to Yes and the customization won’t take any actions.

Finally, a larger order with three items, five deposit types, and the two summary items is shown.


The Add Beverage Container Deposits to Orders customization requires regular maintainance and is only available under a subscription license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.