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Backorders for Ship-To Location poplar_backorders - packaged

While an O/E Order is being input, if there are open backorders for the customer ship to location, notify the user and optionally display a grid will all backordered items and their order details.

How does it work?

When the customer and ship-to on an order are both set, the customization uses SQL to check for any items that are on back order for the customer and location. If any items are found, a prompt is displayed asking whether to display further information.

If the user chooses to see more information, a custom UI is opened with a grid containing the items on backorder for the customer. Double-clicking an item in the grid will open the order in a new window.


The demo below shows the customization in action, including how the customization is triggered (changing the customer or ship to), the content of the prompts, the custom UI that displays back order information, and the drill-down functionality in the grid.


The Backorders for Ship-To Location customization is offered either on a monthly subscription or a perpetual license.

For more information or to buy a license, contact us.