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Maintain A/R Price Lists per Customer-Item poplar_arpricelist - packaged - included with Standard Edition

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The Maintain A/R Price Lists per Customer-Item customization enables Sage users to maintain custom per Customer, per Item, pricing. It can be used when Sage’s price list functionality is not available.

The customization comes with both a screen script, to automatically update prices as items are input into the AR Invoice entry scren, and an optional view script to update prices when invoices are input from other sources like import or EDI.

Business Case

Some businesses do not require the Inventory Control module to conduct their operations. However, the price lists available in Accounts Receivable do not allow per customer pricing out of the box.

This customization addresses this gap, allowing customers that do not have I/C to create and manage customer specific pricing.

How does it work?

The A/R Price List customization introduces a new set of Custom Tables to the Sage 300 installation that enable per-customer, per-item pricing to be defined.

The customization does not replace the A/R price list functionality and doesn’t require that price lists be redefined. Instead, it is used to track exceptions to the default price list.

When an item is added to an invoice, search for a custom price for this customer and item. If one is found, it is automatically applied to the line. Otherwise, the default A/R pricing is used.


Flexible pricing for A/R Items:


In the demo below, a custom price of $99 is set for item BK-360 when sold to customer 1200. When a new invoice is created for customer 1200, the unit price is automatically adjusted in the line.


The Maintain A/R Price Lists per Customer-Item customization is included with a Customization Manager Standard license.

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